Car Diagnostics in Larbert

True Diagnostic Experts at Pro-Grip

New NVH diagnostic testing from Pro-Grip from £45. Recently we have invested in the new iVA Intelligent Vibration Analyzer technology so we can quickly pinpoint any issues you are having with your vehicle. If you are experiencing any strange noises, vibrations or harshness when driving contact us today on 01324 557071.
Utilising the latest technologies to provide the most comprehensive suite of car diagnostics testing in Larbert and Falkirk.
Modern vehicles are equipped with an array of sensors that monitor many of the vital systems and feed information back to an Engine Control Unit. This ECU is an onboard computer that is continually interpreting data received from these sensors, able to detect faults as they occur in your vehicle and often displaying them as a warning light.
The ECU communicates with and monitors a wide array of systems across the vehicle including:
Diagnosing faults detected by the ECU requires expertise and specialist equipment. At Pro-Grip we have expert technicians, proficient in diagnosing these faults and offering repair solutions.
If you have noticed engine warning lights appear on the dashboard, or if your vehicle isn’t performing as it should be a full diagnostic test is highly recommended. With the results of this test in hand we will be able to provide a quote for the work necessary to restore your vehicle.
If you need to discuss any issues you are having with your vehicle or would like to book yourself in for diagnostics testing in Larbert call on 01324 557071 or send us a message using our contact form.