ADAS in Larbert

Continuing our ongoing commitment to investing in the latest technologies, Pro-Grip is proud to be in possession of state of the art equipment to conduct calibrations on ADAS systems on most makes of car.
The latest wave of technology that is developing into the next big integration with the next generation of vehicles, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems are here to stay. ADAS is a catch all term used to describe a number of systems working in unison, including systems such as electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, traction control, automotive imaging, radar, LiDAR and image processing.
An ADAS calibration looks to fine tune all of these systems to assure they are gathering data correctly allowing your vehicle to obtain accurate readings of the environment around your car.
ADAS are some of the fastest growing technologies in the motor industry and at the forefront of the development of self driving vehicles. The safety benefits of ADAS are already being recognised and integrated by many car manufacturers.
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